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The most powerful thing you can do on the radio is tell a good story. The Deep End takes full advantage of that. It strives for one thing, to be the richest possible listening experience for our audience. At a time when many radio stations are taking things out of the listening experience and diluting it, The Deep End is putting things in and making it richer. The classic rock /classic hits audience has a different relationship with the music. This powerful and evocative music is more than mere entertainment. It changed society. We tell the stories behind the songs, the artists, the venues and the people that made this music. You will hear the voices of the artists themselves explaining their music along with extremely high production values that we call “audio cinema.” It’s a trip to a time when music mattered. The audience’s desire can be summed up in three words, “take me there.” That’s what we do in The Deep End, we take them there, which is why we get so many e-mails from the audience telling us that it is appointment listening for them. You can make it appointment listening for your audience too…contact

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