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"I created The Deep End, along with my producer and dear friend Terry Gangstad, in order to bring this very important music back in touch with the people who loved it and have not been able to find it. In the last thirty years mainstream radio has created so many niches and definitions of rock that music has been separated and placed into individual concentration camps. It wasn't like that in 1969. On stage at Woodstock were artists as diverse as Joan Baez, Sha Na Na and Ten Years After. Back then it was all about tearing down the barriers and borders. That is what this show is about. Letting these musical friends come back together again and enjoy each other's company."

-Nick Michaels

Nick Michaels and Terry Gangstad

The guys behind The Deep End With Nick Michaels and one of radio’s most creative teams. You can hear their work daily on award winning stations like KCBS-AM, San Francisco, KNX-AM Los Angeles, KFWB-AM Los Angeles and  WDRV-FM Chicago.